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This isn't my first time creating my own site... so I have experience... But just to say.. this is my first Saiyuki website!!  YAY!!!

Have fun exploring my site!!



07/31/04  11:43 pm (CDT) Started my new site...


More updates on the way!!


COOKIES!!!!!1/19/05 : At school just updating the site.. the main things that are really going on are is that I'm just adding more and more quizzes! YAY!!! Oh yeah... and to my soon to be (hopefully) boyfriend (He's so cute! oh yeah and sweet!) Hee Hee!! His name, I can't say cause I don't wanna say it.... I don't know what he'd do..... but I'm just really, really, really glad to be friends with him!! Well thats it for my updates..... Have fun!! Additions to my quizzes... take this!!!! hee hee... Sarahs gonna be so mad!!!! Hyde
Alas... if only you'd seen the video to
"Pieces", this might have been
prevented. Poor thing. You think music videos
are all fake, don't you?

Which member of L'arc~en~ciel would kill you in your sleep?
brought to you by Quizilla


I Love Saiyuki, Especially Son Goku! YAY!!



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